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Analyst Days EU / 1
1st European Conference on Systems and Business Analysis

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22-23 November 2018. Krakow
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  • SQA Days - 30
    April 22-23, 2022
    Moscow, Russia
  • Analyst Days - 14
    May 27-28, 2022
    Moscow, Russia
  • SECR - 2022
    September 23-24, 2022
    Moscow, Russia
  • About the conference

    What is Analyst Days?

    Analyst Days are the first major international conference on systems and business analysis in Eastern Europe and CIS countries. The main event under this brand has been held many times in Minsk, Saint Petersburg and Moscow.

    Analyst Days are bilingual: talks in English and Russian are presented and simultaneously interpreted into the second language.

    Analyst Days is a place where all kinds of amazing people meet: systems and business analysts and those who want to become them, as well as those who manage them, work with them and want to understand their work better. 

    Whom are we expecting?

     • business analysts from the IT industry,

     • systems analysts and architects,

     • technical writers,

     • product managers and team leaders,

     • executives and business representatives,

     • software developers and QA specialists, 

     • and everyone who wants to learn more about requirements, specifications, systems and business architecture in IT companies.

    Why do you need to be here?


    We select talks based on best practices and personal experience of speakers for our program and make sure that their knowledge is packaged and delivered in the most efficient ways. Our multitrack schedule allows you to pick the most useful topics and appropriate difficulty level. 


    One of the analysts' professional qualities is to find common ground with everyone. Anyway, sometimes you need to vent out in the company of understanding colleagues. This is the place where your colleagues meet to discuss not only personal achievements but also common challenges.


    Representatives of leading IT companies and independent experts are ready to answer your urgent questions about work - and not only from the stage. Backstage is the perfect place to obtain valuable personal contacts, and personal communication is precious.

    Change of perspective

    Two carefully planned days of learning, networking and quality time to relax will help you take your mind off your problems - to come back and crack them at once.

    Benefits for companies

    Skills upgrade

    Exchanging experience between analysts is the best way to make sure that your business decisions are effective and efficient.

    New partnerships

    Business analysis is the knowledge domain that needs joint effort. Our conference is the place where you not only meet your colleagues from the industry but also find new employees and partners.

    Business intelligence

    What are your competitors up to? What technologies are in highest demand, and what challenges are out there? You need first-hand information to know how the IT industry develops.


    Satisfied and qualified employees are the face of your company and a guarantee of your appeal at the job market. Represented by your company’s speakers, you establish yourself as the industry leader.

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