Business Analyst in Sales Department: Sell the Project - and (die) Perform!

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The success and joy of working on a project largely depend on how the project is sold to the Customer at the pre-sale stage. Suppose the works were undervalued or the Sales Department has promised something fantastic. In that case, there is a risk of disappointment for both the Customer and the Vendor at the project implementation stage - the agreed hours are short, the proposed technical solution is unrealisable, and the project deadlines are impossible to meet.
Sound familiar? Very! But are there ways of contracting on the one hand and selling the doable on the other?

At Sibedge have gone on an experiment and implemented Business Analyst in the Sales Department.

What benefits has this brought to the Production Team and our Customers?

What approach to project estimation do we use?

What activities and techniques allow us to keep a balance between sales and production?

What real artefacts, risk models, and killer features do we use to estimate projects?

All about this is in our presentation.

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