System D5 = DDD+DD and what do analysts have to do with it?

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Anyone interested in the current metamorphosis in IT and the directions of analytics development can enrich their knowledge with an understanding of Domain Driven Design and Data Driven. So what do all these letters mean? Why do we need to know that? And what will I be able to apply specifically to my project? 

Let's discuss: 

1. The three principles of DDD.

2. What does DAAP or DAAS have to do with it? 

3. Let's pull DDD on: 

 3.1. Architecture. 

 3.2. Code.

 3.3. Management and role allocation. 

4. And why do I need all this? 

P.S.: And if someone finds it new and too complicated, I want to prove the opposite) - the principle "DDD" was still with Caesar, and he built DD because the system is impossible without them. We will provide the gift for the one who will "decode" the slogan hidden under DDD and the word under DD. You can share your ideas in the comments.

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