Overview and usage of the Yogi Requirements plugin for developing and managing requirements

  • 40 min

Many people who develop requirements have, sooner or later, wondered (especially when the number of generated requirements begins demanding it) how to organize them in another way to make writing and managing more efficient. At the same time, you want to do it using the current stack of tools available and make them easy to read and understand for all members of the development process. 
  • When standalone tools do not satisfy you for some reason. 
  •  When you are stubbornly adept at Atlassian tools and sure that Confluence is the best place to write requirements. 
There is another alternative. I will tell you about a remarkable "Yogi Requirements" tool, which amazed our small team of analysts. It led us to a very flexible and productive way of managing requirements. This tool would be useful not only for analysts but also for anyone who manages any type of documentation in Confluence, gathers data and wants to operate with it like with a database.

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