Business Analyst as a Change Manager within the organisation
  • 40 min

The presentation is aimed to cover the concept of Change Management process within Organization (not Change REQUESTS Management)  and the importance of Business Analyst is the Evangelist of the Change among the SMEs as it can directly influence on project acceptance and overall success.

Target audience: Middle BAs who are for the service/outsource company or inside the enterprise one, where the decision about change is taken by management, but end-users are not fully aligned with it. 

Main thesis: BA should constantly remind the business about the benefits of the new system and be its evangelist, otherwise, users must refuse using and accepting the new change.

What audience should start doing after the session: BAs should change their approach of working with end-users: instead of just elicitating the requirements, he/her should help users to realize the benefits of new product, provide an examples how particular feature will improve KPIs, working process and so on.

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