Agile Transformation through an analyst view

  • 40 min

Agile transformations have become very commonplace nowadays.

Even giant manufacturing and near-government corporations are trying to move to agile, not just for software development but for work in principle.

I will talk about how one fintech start-up, at the beginning of the growth phase, switched from an Ad-hoc model to agile, implemented and developed the Spotify model, and established a process for creating and delivering value.

In this talk, I will share how we shifted from the usual functional staging to user stories, focusing specifically on the business's and our users' goals. I will describe how we dramatically reduced the amount of documentation and began to describe only the bare minimum in the knowledge base.

And most importantly, I will talk about how we have dealt with the challenges of growing the team several times over, how business and systems analysts have got involved, how their role has changed as teams have matured and how we are gradually becoming Feature owners.
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